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Looking for solution to save energy?

Energy efficiency is the most immediate and cost-effective approach to organizations to improve its business and PNL. Up to 50%-60% of energy waste occur daily in buildings that uses a centralized ACMV system that translates to hundreds of thousands if not million to the building owner or operators electricity bills.

In a time where energy becomes a costly commodity, energy efficiency has become a key agenda for organizations to undertake to maintain its competitive edge against competitors, while embarking on an eco-concious operations.

Let us explain and detail out how you can save more than 40% of your electricity bills per month.


A dynamic and robust web and native mobile and tablet platform software running on the Cloud to facilitate real time monitoring, reporting and alerting


While most buildings operate their ACMV with an excess of 40%-50%, we save you this much to guarantee a sustainable, lean and efficient operations!


Let us bear the upfront CAPEX and we guarantee a predefined savings and efficiency performance through out your Energy Performance Contract (EPC)