Our Services

We undertake each project in collaboration with clients to ensure their business interests match with the project deliverables, timelines and implementation strategies. Every client has a different mode and model of implementation. Our general project framework is as following:

  • Pre-Audit Review

    Detail discussion with client on project objectives, current issues and other miscellaneous operational plans Site walk through and high level analysis of on-site system(s) High level review and analysis of site findings

  • Energy Audit(1-2 months)

    Conduct comprehensive energy audit and monitoring of all components and aspects of the HVAC system Detail reporting and findings for building’s energy profile and proposal for improvement retrofits with guaranteed savings and efficiency levels

  • Energy Retrofit

    Execution of the proposal with guaranteed engineering performance and savings to site Savings and improvements will be documented in our real-time monitoring system at one-minute intervals Energy review report will show before & after improvements of the energy usage. 3rd party or consultants maybe included to verify reading and reports

Energy Saving Performance Contract(ESPC)

  • A ‘Self-Financing’ Energy Improvement Project.
  • No capital investment from the client.
  • Payment is based on the savings proven on monthly basis upon completion of the project.
  • Options on terms & percentage of the “SSA” will be proposed to achieve the win-win basis.

Chiller Plant System Efficiency Indication

What is your chiller plant system efficiency?